Submission Guidelines

If you wish to submit your writing piece to be published on our site, please follow the guidelines below!

Email: (this is the ONLY email from which we will accept submissions).

In the email, include:

1. Your name (as it will appear on the site) or ask to be anonymous

2. Title of your post (note: we will not accept posts without titles!)

3. What category your post will fall under (poetry, short stories, journals, etc.)

Please send your email from your account!


Word count info:

Book reviews: 400 max

Short Stories: 1500 max

Poems: 250 max

*Posts should have low profanity/sexual content. Nothing discriminatory. We only publish work we feel comfortable posting and that are up to our standards. Otherwise, we will send your work back to you with feedback. If revised properly, we will publish work that meets our standards.

Please also note that anything you submit must be your original work.


Attach your file as a .doc and we’ll reply once we’ve received it. You can include the title of your piece in the subject line so that it does not go to spam.

Thank you,

The Executive Team

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