Poem: The Everlasting Search for Happiness

Feet dangle on the edge of a mountain;

the vast landscape becomes hers to appreciate.

The wind so furiously blows;

droplets of rain form beads on her flowing dress.


She stands there,

brave and courageous,

a risk taker –

and yet she worries of her imminent future.


She’s one of a kind,

a daisy in a cactus field….

Her dreams are colourful and childlike;

she speaks with a voice of honey.


Her prayers and thoughts are as pure as a waterfall.

Yet, she feels the countless years of pain creep up behind her.

The insults and commands never left her overworked mind.

She tries to escape that harsh reality.


Broken pieces can only be mended, not truly fixed.

Miss independent,

master of the working world,

she’s determined and hard-working.


Those broken fragments assemble in a glimmer of hope.

She tries to turn her pain into desire,

scarred emotions into ambition,

and bruises into forms of art.


The horrendous heartache still lingers at the back of her mind.

So she finds herself …

She finds herself sitting at the edge of a mountain.

Reflecting on the past.

Lamenting over the present.

Preparing for an uncertain future.


By Candace Ramllal


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