Poem: The Doctor’s Pill

The Doctor’s Pill

Phase 1
Phase 2
Face it
No matter which way you place it
You’ll still need replacement
Take it
Or take a hike
Slow in escape like
Doing a drive-by with a bike
Symptoms of delusion
Illustrates your illness
*cough cough*
*clear your throat*
Clear your head
And your sinuses
The sign of this
Is the appending doom
You’ll assume
As soon as you resume your mayhem.
Box me in like a flood in May weather
April showers make June’s flowers
A fool’s gold.
We grow old still sick to our stomachs
What the doctor cooks proves he’s captain of hooks
look at the medicine they fed us in February
It left us feverish begging for more,
We hooked pans in Peter’s kitchen
While his children were lost boys in Wendy’s
What will cure us?
Before we incur a virus that will annihilate us?


– HaveOgude



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