Finally Free

What a wonderful flavour, the taste of freedom,

Free to do as I please, although some

Might disagree and argue that I am far too incapable

To be on this plane alone. I am perfectly able

To think for myself and make decisions,

Believe in what’s right and follow that vision.


What a splendid feeling to be here on my own!

After the confines of my life, I can change my miserable tone.


But being so young, I must be wary,

If things go wrong, my cries won’t carry.

Today, at last, I am finally free,

Being away from such misery, I can finally see.

But this bubble of joy may not last,

The threat is so near, escaping is a task.


Thoughts of returning back there fills me with such dread,

I might as well be dead.


From now on, I can never stop and breathe.

The authorities have me on a tight leash

They believe I float on a selfish cloud,

While they walk this earth, self-righteous and proud.

Existing in a world drained of all colour,

Leashed to the law with an iron-steel collar


No, I regret nothing of my past,

It is the part of me that will never cease to last


There is only one way that I can be saved,

A way where I don’t have to be afraid.

Under this tray of food that has just arrived,

Lies an array of deadly forks and knives.

These weapons are my saviour, a blessing in disguise

They will never expect it! They are not all that wise.


This silver gift will set me free

From this truly terrible monstrosity.


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