I struggle to carry my gym bag across the YMCA hallway. I hate the YMCA. I cringe from the smell of sweat. I look around and find my friend Rachel. I hate Rachel too, but I never tell her. I hurry and meet her at the end of the hall. Rachel pulls her hair into […]

My Enemy

My Enemy And there he stands. He stares at me with his posture perfect, his muscular arms crossed over his chest, and his gaze on me. I feel like I am back in middle school, about to get punched in the mouth and beaten to the ground to watch my own blood pool up on […]

Grave Hunting

The streetlights illuminate the road ahead of us as we sneak our bikes out of the house garden. The call for Maghreb (sunset) prayers passed an hour ago. If Chachu (Uncle) spots us, he might make us stand in a corner till Mama and Baba get back. But Chachu’s not home; I think he left […]

The Escape

I fly past the trees, scrape against branches and stumble over stubborn rocks in my desperation to get away. I can’t hear his footsteps anymore. I come to a halt and whip my head from left to right, left to right. I crouch on the ground in a painful attempt to catch my breath. All […]

Crawly Things

Crawly Things I still remember those tiny crawly things in our New York apartment. My parents called them cockroaches, and my grandparents would stick their noses up in disgust whenever they saw them. I wondered where they came from, where they scurried to when the lights came on, and if they slept with me in […]

I Love You, Sally White!

“Let’s do it!” Sherry says. I look at her, unsure if we should do it. It seemed so bad, and we always tried to be such good girls. Click. Click. Click. Someone wearing high heels walks by. Probably a teacher. I hear the chatter of little girls near the washroom entrance. A low male voice […]