Poem: Strength. Faith. Wisdom.

Strength. Faith. Wisdom.   O shivering tree, why do you tremble so? For I do not feel the slightest breeze on my finger Is the earth rumbling? Do little creatures shake your branches? For I see the earth is still, and your limbs are empty.   So what is it that scares you? Is an […]

Poem: Life

Life Like warm rays on the frosty morning grass Or the sunflowers that bend towards your bright light Or the morning rooster that awakens at your appearance Or the light-starved trees   I am nature And you are my sunshine I cannot survive without you, my dear   -Amara Malik

Poem: Living on a Cloud

Living on a Cloud The floor a fluffy white The ceiling a sky blue A gust of wind hugs me tight The sun a waking call   Birds fly below me Like an arrow, heading east Planes zoom above me Sounding like my snoring Uncle   Some homes are linked together Others fly solo The wind […]

Poem: God’s Guiding Light

God’s Guiding Light A sliver of light I see from afar shining so brightly Glimmering like a star   Shadows surround me Cloak me in their deep darkness They hold my secrets The murkiness fills me inside   I try to reach out To touch pure light May it only be a strip of strength […]


It seeps into you, slowly but surely And even when you shrug it off It’s still there, and it anchors you to the ground You close your eyes and try to fall asleep But it’s right there, it clouds your every thought Ignites your heartbeat It dances in the air like it has a right […]

Loved One

Pain. An overwhelming darkness. Hope. She’ll overcome it. Anxiety. When she can’t overcome it. Persistence. To help her turn the darkness into light. Despair. When the darkness is overwhelming. Helplessness. When you see her sink lower and lower. Weakness. When her strength disappears. Hopelessness. Nothing you do makes a difference. Want. For her pain to […]

A Line of Green and Brown

A boat of my sorrow sways to and fro My heart shrinks from the seawater I take in My mind wanders from thought to dream, ever so slow Illusions of death come vivid, as they beckon   To me, “Oh come and see how calm death’s end can be, No worries, no breaking of hearts, and no […]

Poem: “Untitled”

Untitled. “I’ve met someone,” I tell her in the mirror. “Who?” she asks. “Just someone.” bright shine sun diamonds glow glow on me like a drug honey mint lemon teeth white pearly white chocolate lips big dangerous nice king throne love rule kingdom circles dark very dark ash grey silver lead miracle spirit codes mystery […]