Poem: Heart

Heart   I wish you didn’t pluck my rare flower— Ripping its delicate roots from its only home, Stealing the life from its petals, Leaving it scentless and stale.   I wish you didn’t trample through my field of fresh flowers— Crushed by your lies, They withered away. -Nicole Hanna  

Poem: El sol se recuesta, The Sun Sets

El sol se recuesta, The Sun Sets   You know, who knows how far the wind’ll blow. Like a single drop of snow. A wave with unending flow.   What to feel when the heart meets steel. Hmm.   A joy eternal, singing, breathing. Being.   -Daniel Omiyi Song written to El sol se recuesta. […]

Poem: Soar

Soar Hunters stir. The mountain. Home. Where life shapes. Danger’s afoot. Havens aplenty.   Steps watched. Winter’s gaze. Pause and applause to the feel that leads.   Gaze about the scene. Winter’s storms dance. Visible hands? No. Feet? Frozen.   Leap.   Dream.   Sing to the one that heals.   Dance.   Back to […]

Poem: create[love]

create[love] I could never satisfy my creative thirst, so I indulged in music, art, and words. But then I found a soul like mine, with a creative heart and an eager mind. And I am no longer consumed with this need or desire to find beauty in words, or art that inspires. Because I have found […]

Poem: Where’s the Real Hospital?

Where’s the Real Hospital? If the Church is a hospital for the broken, Why does everyone dress the best on Sundays? Who are they there to impress? God, who doesn’t give two cents about your clothes? Certainly no! I’m looked down upon if I don’t wear well-polished shoes, Nice cologne and a bouncing bow tie. […]

Poem: Nobody

Nobody This is a poem that nobody will read, lost in the inter-web of more famous, less important things. The sun will still shine as the clouds provide shade. The grass will still grow and the smoke suffocates. Just like my life, I’ll watch the clouds turn into smoke and snow will still fall on […]

Poem: The Surgeon

The Surgeon   she fixes your heart with her needle sews it up with her line tastes your copper in her nose and prays you’ll open your eyes – Boxin Yu  

Poem: The Doctor’s Pill

The Doctor’s Pill Phase 1 Phase 2 Face it No matter which way you place it You’ll still need replacement Take it Or take a hike Slow in escape like Doing a drive-by with a bike Symptoms of delusion Illustrates your illness *cough cough* *clear your throat* Clear your head And your sinuses The sign […]

Poem: The Everlasting Search for Happiness

Feet dangle on the edge of a mountain; the vast landscape becomes hers to appreciate. The wind so furiously blows; droplets of rain form beads on her flowing dress.   She stands there, brave and courageous, a risk taker – and yet she worries of her imminent future.   She’s one of a kind, a daisy […]

Finally Free

What a wonderful flavour, the taste of freedom, Free to do as I please, although some Might disagree and argue that I am far too incapable To be on this plane alone. I am perfectly able To think for myself and make decisions, Believe in what’s right and follow that vision.   What a splendid […]